Learning from the Triplets

Hey, have you heard about Daehan Minguk Manse? They are the phenomenal triplets from South Korea that has stolen my attention for at least this past whole month. 😝


Why do i looove them so much? To be honest, i did not give any of my attention towards those cute little babies although lani has told me to at least just watch it once in instagram. I indeed literally and wholeheartedly LOVE kids! I do love babies. But somehow, i just couldnt pay so much attention to them at the first time since in that particular period, i was just too busy ‘in love’ with another pretty baby in instagram named Shakila. (She is really cute and adorable, really). So, i once follow the triplets’ instagram account, but since i couldnt understand the entire Korea kanji font written in that instagram, i immediately unfollow it the next after.

However… Several weeks later, i got an occasion when my friends talked about that triplets excitedly, and i couldnt understand what they said.. So at home, i decided to watch the triplets’ video in youtube, with the subtitle of course, and i was just falling in love with them directly. 😍 How could it be? To be objective, the first reason was because they are sooo cute. 😍😍😍 They are very good-looking. And the next good impression came from their reeaallly nice attitude toward their appa (father), Song Ill Gook. They are really polite. They fight each other but then reconcile directly by giving hug and kiss each other. That’s just so sweet, and adorable too, to see children on their age to do such a wise and good manner like that. 😍😍😍



Now, it has been a month, and i used to spent approximately an hour a day just to watch them over and over again. The first reason was because they are so cute of course just as stated before, yet now i started to watch them not only for fun, but also for education. I want to learn a lot from their parents. I realized that the key of their nice attitude and good manner is of course the way their parents had taught them. I have seen some of the example.. The way their appa taught them discipline, sense of brotherhood, being brave, trying new things, and many others. I learn some parenting tips from watching Daehan Minguk Manse.

I know of course i havent had my own child yet. Hhe. But when the time comes, i hope i am gonna be ready. So i think i should learn a lot from now on. I learn from the way Song Ill Gook and his wife raise their triplets. And also from the other parents from the show. Well, not only being a good parents, i somehow learn to be a better child as well.. In some occasion, i feel that Daehan Minguk Manse are way better than me as a child. 😷

Well, the show is still running, so i will still be learning. And of course, i reaaaalllly recommend you who read this post to watch them as well.. Hopefully all of us can learn from Daehan Minguk Manse, too.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Learning from the Triplets

  1. Hi Mba Ismi Dina, assalaamu alaikum.
    Just found your article as I did browsed for the triplets.
    I’ve been a huge fan of the triplets since the first episode of Return of Superman aired by KBS World, I think it’s around 7 months ago. So it’s always nice to have another “triplets’ auntie” out there.

    What really amazes me is their deep connection with Daddy Ilkook whom they love and admire so much. SIK and his wife made it to educate them to be creative, sportive, and outdoor kids. Not spoiling them with so many toys or gadgets although they are so capable to do that.

    My fave boy is Manse, by the way. He is so adorable, spontaneous, unpredictable, imaginative, as well as lady killer, lol.
    My fave episode is the one when Daddy SIK brought them along during Asian Games torch relay ceremony. So proud of him. He would make sure that his kids had this priceless memory being involved in historical event.

    Hope they grow up to be fine gentlemen someday.

    • Hi Mba Prima.. Wa’alaikumussalam wr wb… Nice to meet you! 😀 Its really an awesome thing to find another triplets’ auntie (again).. ^^

      Yes, i cant agree with you more.. SIK and his wife are really amazing.. Hopefully we can be as good as they are in the future.. aamiiin..

      Btw, im sorry for the late reply.. Thanks for stopping by in my blog… ^^

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