Humiliation or what (?)

There was some times, when i was soo galau. and all i wanted to do was just share those galauness’.. sometimes, it would be in my social media accounts.. but just before i was going to click the ‘post’ or ‘publish’ button, the healthy mind of mine came at once, and warned me that i wont getting any better by doing so.. it wont help since no one would actually and sincerelly care.. for those times, i thought that healthy mind of mine had saved me from humiliating my own self. –”

but now… i just wondering whether it really is the right thing or maybe it is just the opposite.. could that mean that i have been unfair with my own self.. that actually i needed to escape.. maybe that escape would be talk it out loud in social media and let everybody know about that..

ah i dont know..

and i thought i am not mature enought to decide whether i have done something right or wrong.. –“


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