I’ll Miss Us


thank you for being us…
thank you for not being the one man show.. but this special team show…
thank you for understanding this difficult person like me.
thank you for being my friend, fullheartedly..

i will miss us.. to the moon and back..
i will miss every single second (except several, hha) we’ve spent in this togetherness..
i will miss us…
i will miss all of you, friends…

im sorry, for many mistakes i have done..
i know you’ll never wanna hear any sorry, because we’re friends.. and for sincere friends like you all, friendship means forgiving directly without having to say any sorry…
but i did make many mistakes.. due to my childishness.. due to my selfishness.. due to my emotion…
therefor, im sorry..
and im gonna miss us more.. and more..

i’ll pray the best for you all guys..
have a enlighten success in those cycles a head!
have a best blast blessed life..
and get married asap! hha 😀 *aaamiiiin*

i’ll miss us…
thank you for being my friends…
barakallahu lakum.. 🙂


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