Some memoars from my-little-girl-time.. :)

When i was a little girl, i loved some stories or fairytales from Disney. Not all of them of course.. cause some of them also feel like too princessy or too not real for me.. hehe.. But, yeah, i loved some..
One of my favourite disney’s female characters is Belle from the Beauty and the Beast. Why i love her? the answer is simple.. because she was the first disney’s female character i knew.. haha :p Yeah, i remember how i loved to see the beautiful girl in my disney story book (the Belle) and how kind her heart was. she was really kind to her father, siblings, and also to the Beast (although she was really scared of him for the first time).. i remember how hard i tried to draw the belle character on my own with the beautiful hairstyle n gown (maybe that was the first time i draw something seriously, haha).. :p
The second disney’s female character that i love is Mulan.. 🙂 I liked her because she was really brave and strong. Its really unique since the rest of disney’s princesses were used to be powerless somehow..

But yeah, as the time goes by, i didnt pay a big attention to these princesses.. I started to “get real”.. haha..
But surprisingly, yesterday, i found a picture of them in a more beautiful condition! they are wearing hijab! 😀 I tried to search more pictures, but i just found one.. Here they are.. 🙂

How more-beautiful they are in hijab, right! 🙂

This is Belle.. My first favourite Disney's female character :)

This is Belle.. My first favourite Disney’s female character 🙂

I really want to find more of them! hopefully i can get some later.. 🙂

Look! I found some more!!! ^^

This is it!!!!! MULAN!!!! 😀 My favourite Disney’s Princess after Belle! ^^

The Pretty Pocahontas 🙂

The Enchanting Esmeralda

The Attractive Ariel (Little Mermaid) 😀

The Shining Snow White

Tiana and Naveen from “The Princess and the Frog” 🙂

Yup.. Here is the “celebrity” among all of Disney’s Princesses. Cinderella.. 🙂

She is Belle.. 🙂 But before she goes to the Beast’s palace.. I still remember when i saw this picture of her using this outfit (without the hijab) in my story book.. How beautiful she is.. 🙂

Every woman becomes a million times prettier in hijab…

nb: i found most of the pictures in this nice tumblr account: 🙂


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