20 Maret 2011

What a wonderful day… Alhamdulillah.. ^^


1. For having Medika 2 be done… =)

May all the participants get a higher and higher comprehension bout Islam and dakwah…  just like the theme of this Medika 2: “Bekali diri dengan keistiqamahan berIslam, secara jama’i, demi mengokohkan generasi Qur’ani“, hopefully all of us can be a real Qur’ani generation.. amiiin.. =)

Feel very grateful as well for d good teamwork of the commitee… Barakumullah akhiy wa ukhtiy… syukron katsiiran jazakumullah khair… ^^


2. Today is My Brother’s milad day!!! ^^

21 years old he had been… =) Where on earth i can find another brother like him??? hehehe

always be grateful for having u as my brother, da.. ^^ may u always get His blessings n mercies… Have a best blast blessed life ahead! n keep strugling for ur kompre yaa… keep hamasah yaa akhiy!!! \^,^/


3. Finally, insya Allah, i’ll finish my 2-weeks-remaining-BM-task…

ON FIRE TO THE MAX FOR BELAJAR MANDIRI!!!! Preparing my hand to note d paraphrase of leukemia… samangaik!!! *\>_</*



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